Called and Accountable
Discovering Your Place In God’s Eternal Purpose


Henry T. Blackaby &  Norman C. Blackaby

Called and Accountable, Discovering Your Place in God's Eternal Purpose book cover
The Blackaby authors have once again written a book that encourages and instructs the Christian reader in following and obeying the Lord Jesus Christ. Called and Accountable is more than a book to read; it is a workbook that asks the reader to examine herself/himself. Reflective questions include: 
  • “Is God shaping your life to be more like his Son currently? If so, write down how God is shaping your life.” 
  • “Has God equipped you with skills that He desires you to use for His service?” 
  • “Do you have any current decisions to make in your walk with God but you have been hesitant to step out in faith because you cannot foresee the outcome?”
This workbook can be done personally or as a group study. It is designed to be completed in six weeks with assignments to be completed five days a week. Each unit of the six units include testimonies about personal experiences of a variety of Christians, a memory verse and commentaries on the Scriptures quoted with instruction about application. Each section of each unit has study and reflective questions to answer with room in the book to write your answers. 

The authors give their answers to the why, what, who, how, and when of God’s call. Their teachings are backed up with appropriate scriptures. They write, “As the Scriptures are our guide for both faith and practice, or daily living, this truth [of call and accountability] and its implications for each of our lives will guide us thoroughly in our relationship with God. This study will help us understand and respond to God in accountability.”

I read through the book in just a few hours to get an overview of its purpose and direction. I am committed to going back and doing the six week study. I heartily recommend Called and Accountable to every Christian who desires to mature in their relationship with God and serve him obediently.

Book Review
By Scarlett Stough
Title: Called and Accountable, Discovering Your Place In God’s Eternal Purpose
Author: Henry T. Blackaby & Norman C. Blackaby, copyright 2005
Publisher: New Hope Publishers, P.O. Box 12065, Birmingham, AL 35202-2065
ISBN: 1-56309-946-2